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Squad Hour

May 12, 2021

Squad Hour

A true innovator with the first PRAMA concept - a digitized fitness room - in our region. Similarly, the Squad Hour is equipped with a Hammer Strength frame, bars and discs in the CrossFit area, an Escape frame and accessories in the functional and boxing area, LifeFitness SynRgy 360 and Insignia line machines, the first ClimbStation unit in the Baltics, Life Fitness treadmills with the new Console with Performance Run feature, Woodway treadmills, Pavigym flooring from Spanish manufacturer and German lockers from CP in changing rooms. When it comes to digital technology, besides the PRAMA room, there are 2 FunXtion digital fitness stations in the facility, TRX MAPS  body evaluation station, several MyZone screens that allow customers with Myzone belts to see their performance compared to others.

Gfitness participated in the project development by attracting a designer, a sound and light equipment partner, providing consultations and after the project was realized organizing several trainings for the club employees to provide them with in-depth knowledge of the equipment.