Exxentric Has empowered top-tier sports teams like the Buffalo Sabres for over a decadeand driven individuals towards peak fitness. Whether you're an Olympic contender or a fitness enthusiast, our scientifically supported equipment ensures a constant edge over competitors. By utilizing flywheel inertia for optimal resistance curves and eccentric overload, our products have proven to be more effective in enhancing strength, power, and hypertrophy compared to gravity-based systems.

Enter the world of Exxentric with our new app, designed to elevate your performance using the kMeter sensor. Download it on Android or iOS and kickstart your journey.

Experience unlimited resistance with Flywheel Training, adapting seamlessly to all strength levels, from beginners to seasoned athletes. With over 70+ exercises, our devices, such as kBox and kPulley Go, enable freedom of movement and let you strengthen new ranges anywhere.

Make every place your gym – never miss a session again!

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Founded by: Marten Fredriksson and Fredrik Correa    Headquarters: Stockholm, Sweden    Brand: Patented in 2011 
















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