FLEXVIT: Where Quality Meets Versatility in Fitness Bands

FLEXVIT: Where Quality Meets Versatility in Fitness Bands

FLEXVIT, a pioneering brand in the world of fitness, has been revolutionizing resistance band training since 2015. With a relentless focus on quality, innovation, and versatility, FLEXVIT has become a go-to choice for coaches, physiotherapists, and athletes worldwide.


Quality and Innovation

FLEXVIT stands out as the original among fitness bands, introducing the first elastic athletic bands made of textile-woven rubber. This unique material not only offers unmatched quality and optimized stretch behavior but is also skin-friendly, robust, and durable. The "Designed, Developed, and Made in Germany" seal underscores FLEXVIT's commitment to excellence.



Visionary Approach

From its inception, FLEXVIT has aimed to revolutionize how bands are thought of and made, unlocking the full potential of band training. The brand's exclusive focus on band development has resulted in a comprehensive range of bands, each designed with precision and style to fit seamlessly into the modern and mobile lifestyle.


Educational Opportunities

FLEXVIT goes beyond providing top-notch training bands; they offer specialized courses to demonstrate the vast potential of their products. The "Bands Reloaded - PRO" course delves deep into functional anatomy, correction techniques, and creative ways to enhance exercises using resistance bands. The "Bands Reloaded - BASIS" course introduces beginners to Functional Band Training and the innovative DAILY 7 exercise concept, emphasizing sustainable and systematic training.




For those who want to elevate their functional training experience, FLEXVIT offers a dedicated app with over 400 exclusive exercises. The app, suitable for all fitness levels, provides follow-along videos, complete workouts, and a community platform to share experiences and inspiration. The Daily 7 concept, based on movement patterns rather than isolated muscles, encourages a holistic approach to training.

FLEXVIT's commitment to quality, innovation, education, and community sets it apart in the world of fitness. Whether you are a seasoned athlete, a trainer, or an everyday fitness enthusiast, FLEXVIT training bands and educational resources offer a holistic approach to achieving your performance, fitness, and rehabilitation goals.

Explore the FLEXVIT products range and unleash the full potential of your training journey today.