Protein powder

Achieve your health and fitness goals by incorporating premium protein products into your daily routine. The versatile and delicious protein powders from Multipower are ideal for everyone, whether your goal is to increase muscle mass, improve energy or simply maintain a healthy lifestyle. Check out our range of protein powders and find the right blend to complement your diet with the highest quality protein.

Proteins are important in cellular processes. Proteins are responsible for tissue formation and repair, immune function and metabolic regulation. As the body's main source of amino acids, protein is essential for muscle development, repair and strength. The inclusion of high quality protein in the diet provides the body with the necessary nutrients. Protein powder is an excellent dietary supplement to provide the necessary amount of protein that cannot be obtained from food alone. 

Why choose Multipower Whey Protein Powder?

  • Quickly absorbed and helps muscles recover after exercise;
  • Helps improve athletic performance;
  • Tasty and easy to take with you wherever you go; 
  • This powder can be mixed with water, milk or added to smoothies.