Cardio console - explained

Cardio console - explained


The fast evolution in in digital devices is changing everything and everybody.



Button Essentials

  • The Quickstart button is the key. As the most-used feature on a console, it has to be large and clearly visible.
  • Speed and Incline buttons have to be unmissable too. After all, most of the time, people are DIY’ing their way through a workout. They need to make changes easily — even when the person is tired, sweaty, and in motion.
  • Don’t forget to stop! The stop and cooldown buttons have to be equally visible and easy to hit. Because you never know when someone needs to take a timeout in a hurry.


The F.I.R.S.T. things a user has to see.

An excersizer stepping onto a new cardio machine is like a hiker at the beginning of a road. They’ll stop and read the map if they have to. But really, they just want to get going. The best console is like a clearly marked road map.

And there are 5 traits a console should display from the F.I.R.S.T. moment a person steps onto the machine:

  • FAMILIAR. Users can easily recognize the machine and what’s available to them, no matter the equipment
  • INTUITIVE. Messages help users clearly understand what to do next
  • RELIABLEOperations work with no hassle
  • SIMPLEDoesn’t overwhelm the user with unwanted or rarely-used features
  • TRACKER COMPILABILITY. Works with a other devices, pairing up with them quickly



The Rapid Growth of Personal Devices

No wonder “wearable devices” have ranked as number 1 trend influencing fitness every year for four of the past 6 years, according to the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). The numbers on the growth of personal digital devices include:

  • 340 Million People bought new smartphones during Q1 2021
  • 14 Million Smartwatches sold during Q1 2020
  • 55% How many of those smartwatches were Apple Watch
  • + 200% Sales increase of Bluetoothheadphones during 2019
  • 60 Million Number of Apple AirPods sold (same year)
  • $4.4 Billion Value of global fitness App market