Jumper® mini, red , 36x18 cm

Jumper® mini, red , 36x18 cm

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The patented jumper is a multifunctional training device. An air-filled trampoline ball made of durable ruton on a glass fiber reinforced base plate. The material is odorless and very strong up to 200 kg. The product is latex-free and consists of 100% recyclable plastic. The air filling can be regulated by a valve. The surface is non-slip, as is the base plate. The inwardly curved base plate ensures an ingenious trampoline effect and allows stacking without a stacking aid.Thanks to its versatility, practically all muscle groups, especially the deep-lying muscles that are important for general fitness, can be trained. At the same time, the balance, coordination and sensorimotor system are involuntarily improved. The trampoline effect also ensures a lot of fun during training.Dimensions: 36 x max. 18 cm

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