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  • Attachment - Supersoft (Starter)
  • Attachment - Supersoft (Starter)
  • Attachment - Supersoft (Starter)

Attachment - Supersoft (Starter)

Product Information

  • Manufacturer Theragun
  • In stock in Riga 5
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Will answer questions 67994044
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Theragun’s version of vibration therapy and mostly used for sensitive areas, including bones. Experience the therapeutic benefits of your Theragun device with the treatment intensity that works for you. The non-porous closed cell foam makes it easy to clean with disinfecting wipes for a hygienic experience and it won't absorb sweat, lotions and oils.

For which muscles this attachment is made?

1. Elbows, knees and joints. 

They're the body's unsung heroes, connecting everything so you can bend, move, and do what you love. They're also one of the first areas of the body impacted by the daily grind. The Supersoft cushions the device's impact around these areas, while maintaining the percussive motion that soothes the aches and pains that prevent you from moving freely.

2. Delicate areas.

Tension, tightness, and discomfort in the upper body are common side effects of an increasingly fast-paced world. When you need a softer approach to melt away the day's stress, the Supersoft promotes blood flow and releases tension in even the most delicate areas.

3. Sore muscles.

Treating extremely sore muscles can be painful, to the point where even the slightest massage or sensation is uncomfortable. The Supersoft attachment dampens the power of the Theragun while allowing the device’s amplitude and frequency to increase the oxygen delivery and blood flow to the area.





 Theragun attachment "Supersoft"

Device compatibility:

 4th Generation: PRO, Elite, Prime, mini

 3d Generation: G3PRO, G3


 60mm x 60mm


 Base: Closed-cell foam

 Tip: Open-cell foam




 3 months