Wall mounted bars rack 135.5x11.5x4.5 cm

  • Ražotājs Sveltus
  • Artikuls SVEL1552
  • Ir Rīgas noliktavā: 1

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  • Ražotājs Sveltus
  • Artikuls SVEL1552
  • Ir Rīgas noliktavā: 1

Statnis, ko piestiprināt pie sienas, lai ietaupītu vietu. Uzglabā līdz 8 svara stieņiem. Skrūves komplektā.

Sveltus - is a designer and manufacturer of fitness accessories. Designer of the Elastiband®️, Sveltus has been a designer, manufacturer and distributor of fitness, crosstraining, bodybuilding, rehabilitation, yoga and wellness equipment for over 25 years. Number 1 in France, the brand is distributed by all the French sports shop networks, and is also present in more than 40 countries worldwide. Sveltus is also a team of athletes evolving in different sports. The brand's objective is to support and accompany the athletes of the Svel'Team Athlete in their projects.

The company's accessories include a wide variety of items such as elastic bands in wide fluorescent colors, which require a regular effort stretching, are used in particular for warm-ups that are required while working out inside fitness centers as well as outdoors, enabling athletes to shape their body in the right way and stay fit.

Professionals just like we are!

Founded By: Olivier Chareyre     Headquarters: Le Chambon Feugerolles,France      Brand: Founded in 1991


Width (cm) ~12.00

Height (Cm) ~135.00

Weight (kg) ~8.00

Composition Steel