TriggerPoint NANO X

TriggerPoint NANO X
TriggerPoint NANO X
TriggerPoint NANO X
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  • TriggerPoint NANO X
  • TriggerPoint NANO X

TriggerPoint NANO X

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Best seller
this brand is Professionals' choice
this brand is Professionals' choice
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TriggerPoint Nano X

The NANO X Foot Roller is designed to increase flexibility, relieve aches and pains, and target tension in the small muscles of the foot and forearm. This Foot Roller ir similar to original NANO, just more dense, so You can massage deep tissues with bigger presure point. The raised tips replicate the feeling of a massage therapist's fingertips to channel nutrients directly to the tissue and improve circulation. Designed to mirror the feeling of a massage therapist’s fingertips, the NANO X provides a systematic approach to blood flow by channeling nutrients directly to the tissue. TriggerPoint empowers people to move and feel better. We design and develop innovative massage therapy tools that mimic the touch of a therapist’s hands, so people of all ages, sizes, and athletic ability can feel their best wherever they are.

Why TriggerPoint NANO X ?




  • Lightweight and portable size is convenient for the gym, office or on the road;


  • More dense than original NANO, so You can reach deep tissue realxation;


  • Dense foam surface helps channel blood directly to the tissue for health and mobility;


  • Designed specifically to replicate the feeling of a massage therapist's finger tips;


  • Ultra-compact foam roller specifically designed to relive foot aches and pains;


  • Backed by 1 year manufacturer's warranty.

Helpful Features

Lightweight and portable, Foam Rollers are ideal for those on the go. Roll at the office, the gym, at home, and even when you travel.

Trusted by Professionals

The proven durability and superior effectiveness of the GRID has helped make it a trusted tool of physical therapists, massage therapists, athletic trainers and professional athletes.

Ease your muscle pain

The NANO X is made to ease muscle pain in samll areas of body, like feet, hand and arms, increasing blood and oxygen flow for faster recovery.

Triggerpoint - life changing brand focused on empowering people to move and feel better. TriggerPoints design mimics therapists hands, meaning that every massage at home will be similar to massage at therapists office. These self massage tools are made for all ages, sizes, and athletic abilities, so everyone could improve their health at home, gym or outdoors. Triggerpoint is the go-to brand for self-massage products to improve well-being.

Triggerpoint believes that increasing therapy into daily tasks can improve performance, speed, recovery time, and even prevent injuries. Most of the Triggerpoint self-massage tools are made of anatomy-specific foam rollers, which penetrate deep-tissue, making every message count. 

Add TriggerPoint into your daily routine and unlock your body's inner strength!

TriggerPoint Brochure:

Founded By: Cassidy Philips      Headquarters: California, USA      Brand: Founded in 2002


manufacturer's representative

since 2012



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2.75" (7cm) Wide

6" (15.2cm) Height

2.75" (7cm) Depth


0.5lbs (0.23kg)

Body Part





DOMS (Delayed Onset Soreness);

Carpal Tunnel;

Forearm / Bicep Tendonitis;

Plantar Fasciitis

Tennis, Golf, Pitcher Elbow

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