• Triggerpoint THE GRID VIBE PLUS
  • Triggerpoint THE GRID VIBE PLUS
  • Triggerpoint THE GRID VIBE PLUS
  • Triggerpoint THE GRID VIBE PLUS
  • Triggerpoint THE GRID VIBE PLUS


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Best seller
this brand is Professionals' choice
this brand is Professionals' choice
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Triggerpoint GRID VIBE PLUS

This isn't your standard foam roller. The TriggerPoint GRID Vibe Plus foam roller gives you the control that you need to target sore muscles and joints. With the addition of massaging vibrations and the deep grid pattern encasing the roller, you can aid your body in recovery. Using this massaging foam roller will increase blood flow, better distribute oxygen, and heal tissue before and after training. Ideal for home use or for rolling on-the-go, the built-in battery lasts up to two hours when fully charged. The small diameter design creates less surface area resulting in targeted, deep tissue compression. We have built this roller to be easy to use, transport, and store. The GRID VIBE Plus vibrating foam roller helps provide pain relief, increased relaxation, and faster recovery. Its cordless, rechargeable design features high-density EVA foam specifically in a compact, portable size for targeted relief.

Why Triggerpoint GRID VIBE PLUS ?



  • Cordless, rechargeable, and includes four vibration frequencies that are ideal for pain relief and muscle relaxation;
  • Patented multi-density GRID® surface channels blood and oxygen through the muscle to increase circulation and accelerate muscle recovery;
  • Small 3.5-inch diameter provides less surface area while rolling delivering targeted relief to deep layers of tissue;
  • Recommended roller to prepare the body for peak performance by helping relieve muscle pain and tightness before physical activity;
  • Rechargeable battery can last up to two hours;
  • AC charger included;
  • Backed by 1 year limited warranty.


Why This Foam Roller?

The GRID VIBE is compact, measuring only 3.5 in diameter, it has less surface area for targeted relief. The multi-density surface channels blood and oxygen to the muscle while rolling, key nutrients needed in muscle repair.

What Makes it Unique?

The cordless roller features 4 vibration frequencies with varying intensities, ideal for pain relief and muscle relaxation. The patented multi-density surface channels blood and oxygen through the muscles, increasing circulation and accelerating recovery.

Helpful Features

Portable and compact, the vibrating massage roller is ideal for athletes on-the-go. The rechargeable battery lasts up to 2 hours, so you can take your GRID Vibe Plus almost anywhere you go.

Trusted by Professionals

The proven durability and superior effectiveness of the GRID has helped make it a trusted tool of physical therapists, massage therapists, athletic trainers and professional athletes.



4" (10.2cm) Wide

12" (30.5cm) Height

4" (10.2cm) Depth


2.54lb (1.15kg)

Body Part

Hips and Glutes;

Lowe Leg;

Neck and Shoulder;

Upper Back and Chest;

Middle Back;

Upper leg;



DOMS (Delayed Onset Soreness);

Forearm / Bicep Tendonitis;

Bicep Tendonitis;

Neck Pain;

Piriformis Syndrome;


Shin Splints

Batteries Included


Batteries Type

ICR18650 - 2200mAh

Max. User Weight

500lb (225kg)

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