Blazepod Standard Kit

  • Blazepod Standard Kit
  • Blazepod Standard Kit
  • Blazepod Standard Kit
  • Blazepod Standard Kit
  • Blazepod Standard Kit
  • Blazepod Standard Kit

Blazepod Standard Kit

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  • Manufacturer BlazePod
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BlazePod Standart Kit

Blazepod, the ultimate in flash reaction light training for professional sports coaches, therapists, personal trainers and at-home fitness and sports enthusiasts. Including 4 Pods to create the most challenging activities, competitions and tests for you, your family and your clients/team. BlazePo triggers your body's natural response to sensory stimulations, enabling superior, fast and coordinated movement. 

In the box:

  • 4x Pod
  • Charging base
  • BlazePod case for 4 pods
  • BlazePod app

Why BlazePod?


Up to 40 meter Device-to-Pod range with auto-connection

Powerful RGB LED Lights with 8 bright color options

Durable and weather-proof for both indoors and out

Smash-proof exterior allows tap outs with your feet, heavy wall balls, boxing gloves and more



Connect your Pods to your App. Choose your activity. Place your Pods. Get ready to challenge your instincts!


Push yourself by tapping out the lights with your coach or in a group. Lose yourself in the addictive rush of our Flash Reflex Training…


Measure your performance millisecond by millisecond! Motivate with easy tracking. Push & improve to reach new personal records!


Why use BlazePod ?




Improve decision making skills with quicker brain processing


Become faster, stronger and more decisive


Fit for all sports including combat, team and individual sports.

Product type:

 Smart fitness




 BlazePod Standart kit

Max. number of sensor connections:

 līdz 24


 Can charge all together in column, full charge 5h

LED colors:

 8 different colors (RGB)

Program operating system:

 iOS; Android


 9 cm in diameter


 Waterproof (IP65), impact resistance, can use inside or outside

Battery life:


Max. distance between sensors: 





 24 months

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