Assault Bike Pro X

Assault Bike Pro X
Assault Bike Pro X
Assault Bike Pro X
  • Assault Bike Pro X
  • Assault Bike Pro X
  • Assault Bike Pro X

Assault Bike Pro X

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AssaultBike Pro X 

The perfect cardio trainer for those looking for a powerful workout experience. This 2-speed belt-driven bike trainer has all the convenience of the Classic and Elite models with additional features that will take your fitness to the next level. Designed to automatically increase resistance as you increase speed and support proper form. AssaultBike Pro X is 100% athlete-powered - meaning you're in complete control of your workout.


  • High-contrast LCD screen with improved readability
  • Tracks watts, rpm, calories, heart rate, distance, time, speed.
  • High-intensity interval training programs
  • Race mode setting
  • Steel seat stand that easily adjusts for comfort and shape.
  • Wide padded seat 
  • Belt drive to maximize power and minimize maintenance


Designed for both home and gym use, the AssaultBike Pro X is the industry standard as a dual belt drive bike that harnesses the power of the athlete directly into the machine. This unparalleled design ensures zero slip while delivering an exceptionally smooth ride and feel. With built-in extra protection against sweat, dust, dirt and debris, it's the lowest maintenance AssaultBike to date.

  • No electricity required
  • Hydraulically pressed ISIS-Drive
  • Connections with 2-stage belt
  • Corrosion-resistant industrial powder-coating
  • Maintenance-free dizai


AssaultBike Pro X provides high-intensity, low-impact cardio training suitable for athletes of all skill levels. Its comfortable padded seat, conveniently positioned foot pedals and ergonomic Q-Factor provide the best shape you can get on a bike today. Thanks to the extended front stabiliser, you'll have a safe and secure platform no matter how hard you work. For extra comfort, keep your phone and water bottle in the special holders for easy access!

  • Compact frame for easy storage 
  • 4 adjustable stabilising legs for extra support
  • Transport wheels for easy handling
  • For the right shape


AssaultBike Pro X is equipped with our Elite console, which has a high-contrast LCD screen. Connect your smartphone via Bluetooth and ANT to track your workouts on the Assault Fitness app. Customize your workout using one of seven built-in programming options or the race mode setting.

  • Bluetooth and ANT+ connection
  • Connection to Assault Fitness app
  • Includes race mode setting
  • Tracks time, distance, heart rate, watts, rpm, speed and calories.

Assault Fitness - Brand which is all about trainings over the limits, push your own boundaries and discover your own potentional. Assault Fitness are trying to encourage everyone to start their fitness journey and improve life and health through fitness. They are trying to strengthen, support, educate and inspire everyone from  professionals to even new comers with elite class exercise machines. 

Assault Fitness offers different kind of equipment, for example - exercise bikes, which are designed to push your own limits with resistance made by You. Then there are treadmills, which are manual, meaning faster you run, faster it goes. And they even have rowers in their catalogue. If you are interested in pushing your own limits and try to be fit as possible, then Assault Bikes are the products which we recommend.

Push your limits, wherever you are!

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Founded By: LifeCORE Fitness      Headquarters: Carlsbad, USA      Brand: Founded in 1994


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