Eleiko IWF Weightlifting Comp./Training Discs RC

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  • Manufacturer Eleiko
  • Article ELEIKO124
  • In stock in Riga 0

Eleiko IWF Weightlifting Comp./Training Discs RC

For those times when smaller weight changes make all the difference, the Eleiko IWF Olympic Weightlifting Rubber Coated Change Plates are certified and calibrated for record setting lifts. The durable rubber coated discs come in an Olympic colour scheme with a lipped edge for secure easy handling and coordinate with our IWF training and competition weightlifting plates.

  • Discs are sold individually.

Eleiko - From waffle irons to the world's weightlifting leader. It's actually fun that this brand has started with making waffle irons, although in nowadays this brand has came so far, that now its one of the best weightlifting brand in whole world. Their goal is to focus on innovation and commitment to quality and performance, to make every one around stronger and healthier.

Eleiko offers different type of weightlifting gear - Free weights ( bars, plates, dumbbells, kettlebells and a lot more ), benches, racks and rigs, and even platforms. All their equipment is tested more than 3 times, to make sure the quality is on its peek and You will have most satisfying weightlifting experience! Eleiko bar was the first bar used in competition which didn't bend, and even now is only one used in professional competitions.

Set Your bar high, be kind and do more of what makes You stronger!

Eleiko Catalogs: can be found here

Founded By: Tyra Johansson      Headquarters: Halmstad,Sweden      Brand: First Bar founded in 1957

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