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The RACK5 is a versatile storage option that will keep your facility tidy and your functional training equipment in peak condition when not in use. Multiple bumper options are included in the RACK5 box, and the ability to adapt the shelves on the RACK5 en

Vertical Plates Tree w/wheels

VERTICAL PLATES TREE WITH WHEELS reflects this ethos and is a smart investment.The structure has been refined to be even more stable and robust thanks to the top-notch gauge steel used in the construction in our factory, that gives you the capacity for loading the complete range of Oly plates as and when you need. Specifications of 74x74x151.5 cm and max load 550kg give you an unbeatable storage solution with extra capacity, while updated base stability with wheels for easy moving finish this structure off.Built-to-last, improved base stability and with budget-friendly 11-gauge steel construction. Complete with wheels for easy moving when needed. Plates stackable from size 1-54. Maximum weight storage 550 Kg.