BoBo Pro 2.0, balane training system

  • Manufacturer Bobo Balance
  • Article BOBO-PRO-2
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this brand is Professionals' choice
this brand is Professionals' choice
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  • Manufacturer Bobo Balance
  • Article BOBO-PRO-2
  • In stock in Riga 9
Best seller
Best seller
this brand is Professionals' choice
this brand is Professionals' choice
fitstore is authorized dealer
fitstore is authorized dealer

BoBo - Pro 2.0

  • Perform quick assessments and track progress to get the reports you need
  • BoBo comprehensive solution allows the PT to generate relevant reports for most of their patients
  • BoBo’s in-clinic training station. Train patients independently – the bobo app is easy and simple for patients to use without the need of therapist supervision
  • Stand out from your competitors by providing your clients with innovative technology
  • Create your own clinic predefined exercise programs to save time for your PT and for a standardized care
  • Generate new revenue by selling bobo home to your patients
  • Easy setup & Instant biofeedback allows you to make decisions based on objective date
  • See results in real time so you can provide immediate feedback to clients as well as comparisons with past sessions increase their motivation to get them complete the plan of care covered by the insurance
  • Trusted by thousands of professionals: physiotherapy clinics, fitness centers, hospitals, sports facilities, military outfits and more
  • A broad solution that allows limitless utility in real day to day clinical practice.
  • Great addition to your in-clinic and at-home treatments


The BoBo Pro 2.0 Board

Deliver effective training and motivate your patients with fun and engaging exercise games for every fitness level.

  • Detachable movement sensor with 3 velcro straps
  • BoBo Pro 2.0 App with ROM and Cycling app
  • Battery life is 400 hours of continuous use

All Types of Therapeutic Exercises and Tools

A comprehensive solution that digitizes all types of therapeutic exercises and tools to facilitate better patient outcome and more efficient practice.

  • Balance | Wearable (ROM) | Cycling App
  • Built-in range of dynamic training programs
  • Detailed reports for further clinical analysis.

BoBo Pro App

Measure Patient Progress & Compliance

With real-time biofeedback and advanced performance tracking, providers can easily analyze patient progress and compliance, and adjust personalized plans whenever necessary. The app collects relevant data for every training session and converts it into detailed reports for further clinical analysis.

Highly Personalized Care Programs

The BoBo Pro system can be customized to every patients' unique needs, goals and situation. With training programs that can be customized for each individual patient, the device helps you achieve better outcomes in less time. With intuitive graphics and an easy-to-use interface, the BoBo Pro app allows providers to create new training programs in seconds.

Gamified Experience

Common rehabilitation training turns into a motivating and challenging game that makes exercising a fun and rewarding activity.


Bobo - convenient, affordable, and clinically measurable physiotherapy programs, at any location, any time. Bobo was inspired by the phrase Progress Through Play, and that's why they combinate balance trainings including different games, so you would be entertained while doing balance trainings, strengthening core muscles. BoBo has their own balance pads, which is possible to put on different kind of balance equipment, like bouncing balls and so on. Combine fun with trainings!

Bobo has 37 years of experience in balance trainings, meaning that their quality is on its peak. If you are looking for fun way how to train, and strengthen your core muscles, than bobo is the brand we are recommending you. Balance pad which you can add on any balance equipment and use it out of the box.

A Seamless Digital Solution for At Home-In Practice Physiotherapy!

Bobo Catalogs: can be found here

Founded By: Gadi Nir and Eitan Merhavi      Headquarters: Hollywood, Florida      Brand: Founded in 2015


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