Spring collar Ø 50mm

Spring collar Ø 50mm
  • Spring collar Ø 50mm

Spring collar Ø 50mm

  • Производитель MF-Sport
  • Артикул MF62070
  • Есть на Рижском складе: 1

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Spring collar Ø 50mm

MF-Sport - company focused on free weight equipment. With more than 30 years of experience MF-Sport been active in the fitness rehabilitation market in all around the world. Always trying to be innovative and up to date, to meet all customers needs in free-weight field. In nowadays MF-Sport are trying to expand their equipment  with functional training and CrossFit equipment.

MF-Sport offers wide range of free-weight products - different size, style and shape dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, weightlifting and fitness weight bars, accessories to functional and strength exercise machines, weighted plates and a lot of more.

Tradition meets Innovation!

MF-Sport Brochure:

Headquarters: Germany      Brand: Founded in 1991