Gravity A Vinyl Barbell, Dumbbell Set 60 kg

Gravity A Vinyl Barbell, Dumbbell Set 60 kg
  • Gravity A Vinyl Barbell, Dumbbell Set 60 kg

Gravity A Vinyl Barbell, Dumbbell Set 60 kg

  • Производитель Gravity
  • Артикул G-A1-25P-60.5KG
  • Есть на Рижском складе: 10+
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Every home gym needs a good quality set of weights. One of the major issues however can be lack of space. Now you can enjoy a fantastic range of weights in one convenient set Vinyl Barbell - Dumbbell Kit (total weight 60kg). Perfect for even the smallest home set-up

Each weight disc has been coated in tough, durable vinyl, which not only extends the life of the equipment, it also helps to protect flooring from dents and scratches. A thoughtfully designed knurled handle ensures a firm, comfortable grip so you can confidently take your training to the max.

This kit offers exceptional value for money and is the ideal solution for anyone interested in engaging in a serious weight-training program, and who needs to optimize their fitness space.

Using free weights, such as dumbbell and barbells, is a great way to strengthen and tone the muscles of the entire body. Focus on the upper torso with biceps curls, triceps extensions, military presses, deltoid raises and bench presses.
Target the core abdominals with side bends and trunk rotations. Work those quads, calves, hamstrings and glutes with squats, step-ups, deadlifts and lunges. A strong body is essential for good health as it helps take the strain off doing everyday tasks such as lifting, pushing and carrying. It also improves posture and assists in injury prevention


2 pcs. dumbbell bars diam. 25 mm, length 47cm;

1 pcs. long bar dieam, 25 mm, length 140 cm;

6 pcs. plastic screw collars;

vinyl weight plates:

6 pcs. 1.25 kg,

4 pcs. 2.5 kg,

4 pcs. 5 kg,

2 pcs. 10 kg.

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Gravity - best quality fitness and sports equipment for friendly prices. Gravity is made for every age and fitness level people, who are ready to step one step closer to healthier and happier life! Gravity products are made with quality standards and willingness to satisfy customers needs. This brand is encouraging everyone to get in shape even at home.

Gravity offers products which are connected to fitness and sports field - dumbbells, kettlebells, bumper discs and even Cardio equipment - treadmills, rowers and much more. If you are looking for best solution in quality=price meaning, then this brand is The Go To.

Don't let the price to determine your happiness and health!



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