BlazePod Ultimate Bundle

BlazePod Ultimate Bundle
  • BlazePod Ultimate Bundle

BlazePod Ultimate Bundle

  • Производитель BlazePod
  • Артикул BLZ-KIT2
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BlazPod Ultimate Bundle

BlazePod is reaction training system which tests your agility, reaction and endurance. BlazePod Ultimate Bundle is made for people, who already have worked with reaction training devices and wants to extend their possibilities, because in this bundle you get even cone adabters, which means, you can put Pods on Cones and use them for more fun trainings. If You are new to BlazePod and want full BlazePod experience, then this bundle is for you too, because with this bundle, you have dozens of possibilities, how to make your trainings more interesting. The perfect bundle for any trainer or coach to get the best out of their one on one, small group sessions and sports performance training.

IN The Box:

  • 6× Pod
  • 6× BlazePod straps
  • 10x Functional adapter
  • 4x Cone adapter
  • 6× BlazePod suction cup
  • Charging base
  • BlazePod case for 6 Pods
  • BlazePod App (IOS & Android)


Blazepod - Test your own reaction, agility and physical endurance with the world's leading professional level reaction training system. Blazepod has made trainings more challenging and fun with bright light sensors, which lights up when you need to press them. Make your own trainings routine with Blazepod offered app, where you can add the number of pods, intervals and even light colors.

Blazepod is made for athletes who want to improve their agility and reaction time in soccer, basketball, fitness, martial arts, physiotherapy or even tennis. This is more than reaction training, it's fun, give it to younger audience and you woun't be able to get them off it. We have tried it in office and it was exciting - fun and entertainment guaranteed!

The BlazePod platform consists of two parts: a mobile  iOS or Android  app and sensors. The mobile app is the "brain" of the BlazePod platform, controlling the sensors - small, touch-activated light devices. The app offers creativity and flexibility to train, coach and treat with activities, tests, analytics and more.

Follow your instincts!

Founded By: Yaniv Shneiderman      Headquarters: Vista, USA      Brand: Founded in 2017


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