Gravity Z Horizontal bench press

Gravity Z Horizontal bench press
  • Gravity Z Horizontal bench press

Gravity Z Horizontal bench press

  • Производитель Gravity
  • Артикул G-TC-103
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Sturdy and reliable bench for home or gym use. You can perform chest press on this bench. Make your torso strong and increase your body's endurance. The workout on the bench engages the triceps, chest muscles and front deltoids.

The design features a sturdy construction that is made of stainless steel. Equipment is made of high quality materials. The design provides shock-absorbing footrests, which do not require attachment to the floor. The bench is equipped with a seat made of multi-layer plywood. It is filled with two-layer polyurethane foam, which is not subject to deformation and is resistant to shrinkage. The frame is coated with powder enamel with electrostatic spraying.

Gravity - best quality fitness and sports equipment for friendly prices. Gravity is made for every age and fitness level people, who are ready to step one step closer to healthier and happier life! Gravity products are made with quality standards and willingness to satisfy customers needs. This brand is encouraging everyone to get in shape even at home.

Gravity offers products which are connected to fitness and sports field - dumbbells, kettlebells, bumper discs and even Cardio equipment - treadmills, rowers and much more. If you are looking for best solution in quality=price meaning, then this brand is The Go To.

Don't let the price to determine your happiness and health!



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Height120 cm
Length135 cm
Width124 cm
Weight36 kg