Senso® Vein Trainer

Senso® Vein Trainer
  • Senso® Vein Trainer
  • Senso® Vein Trainer
  • Senso® Vein Trainer

Senso® Vein Trainer

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MOVE, PROMOTE YOUR STABILITY AND HEALTH!It is recommended to include the use of the product in general health promotion training programs. An effective balance workout for an active lifestyle!The product is made in Germany and has all the high quality features of Germany. The product has been developed in collaboration with the best German doctors and physiotherapists.The product especially helps to develop the deep muscles of the back and body. Regular use of this product strengthens the back muscles, develops the correct sitting and standing position and prevents back pain. This product is made of extremely durable and high-quality material, which ensures the longevity of the product.The TOGU Senso Vein Trainer pillow also provides a massage effect due to its relief on one side. This relief contributes to the improvement of blood circulation, thus further strengthening the overall health of the body.Sizes:34 x 33 cmWeight: 850 gMaximum user weight: 200 kg

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