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14" No Bouncing Wall Ball (35 cm.)

The Xenios USA Wall Balls are special med balls, which are designed to bear the toughest workout. There's no secret behind their resistance and durability. Xenios USA used the best design and materials to achieve a unique training tool. The filling and covering of each ball is perfectly balanced to guarantee the perfect execution of wall ball exercises, even at the highest speed.
99.52 - 110.11
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Integrate Weighted Ball

Solid Steel Rubber EZ Curl Barbell, Red
15.68 - 22.93
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Medicine Ball classic 2 kg, brown , 28 cm

The latex-free medicine balls for strengthening and coordination exercises. Compared to conventional medicine balls, thanks to the special material, they bounce strongly and can be filled with air via the needle valve.

Escape Multi Grip Medball

Multi Grip Medballs are made of textured rubber with ergonomic handles, designed to bounce.
41.14 - 76.63
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ProActive Double Grip Medicine Ball

Double Grip Medicine Balls are made of textured rubber with ergonomic handles, designed to bounce.
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Reebok Double Grip Medicine Balls

The Double Grip Medicine Ball offers a great option for strength training that combines handweight action with the features of the traditional medicine ball. This product allows group trainers and personal trainers to design complete workouts with or without a partner. Textured rubber surface for extra grip, solid weighted rubber core. Colour coded resistance levels allowing the instructor to easily spot and direct the level of resistance to be used. Easy grip handle design.
54.41 - 72.65
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SKLZ MedBall

The Med Ball is an innovative new spin on a classic training tool. The maximum grip pattern gives you exceptional control while the seamless design creates a consistent, reactive bounce. Train upper body, rotational power and core strength to improve hitting, swinging, or throwing.
46.21 - 61.32
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Trainer Med Ball

Build full-body strength with the Med Ball’s illustrated exercises; that highlight the muscles being targeted and recommended sets and reps. Layer the exercises together to maximize your results and get a full-body workout in each session.

Tomahawk Sack Pro

The Tomahawk Sack is a rotational training tool that builds strength and power in the transverse plane. You can load it with your 10-inch medicine ball of choice. The hand can be adjusted to three different lengths and features a knot at the end to prevent the loss of grip. We recommend using medicine balls intended for slamming. The medicine ball can be removed from the Tomahawk Sack to swap out for a different weight or new medicine ball.