Тренировочная система Myzone

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Myzone Receiver

MYZONE is an accurate heart rate monitoring system that lets your members compete together and track exactly how hard they’re working. Screens around the club provide a real-time display of members heart rate, training intensity, points earned and calories burned. Instant feedback and immediate reward drives motivation and encourages habit formation.Simple InstallationThe MYZONE system only requires a screen and internet for each exercise area (spin room, cardio, Small Group Training area). Existing in-club screens can be utilized with no additional wiring or AV work.Stick PC and Touch ScreenThe hardware required for an in-gym display is one of two options:1. The Stick PC which plugs directly into a TV via HDMI and requires power and internet.2. The touch screen option which is ideal for trainers who would like to interface with the menu before or after the workout.TV MonitorMost gyms will use a 60” monitor to display the tiles. Up to 99 tiles can fit on a screen at once, however most