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Agility Grid System

The Agility Grid provides a destination for cardio, agility and speed sessions. Durable linking clips allow endless layouts and add dynamism to any workout or training session.

Agility Cone w/hardle bar holes - 30 cm. (H.)

This Agility Cones with 30cm height hurdle bar holes come out in different colors. Please refer to product chart to choose those that suit you best. From rugby players to soccer players passing through football players and runners, this kind of training is useful for all of them. Kit includes 24 Agility Cones with hurdle bar holes.
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Cone Markers (set of 4)

Jordan Fitness

Reebok cones (6.pcs)

Reebok cones (6.pcs)
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SKLZ Reaction Ball

The Reaction Ball fielding aid is perfect for improvement of hand-eye coordination and reaction time. Volley the ball between two athletes, or rebound it against a wall. Upon landing, the ball will bounce in an unpredictable manner. Repeating these steps will improve your speed and coordination for baseball.

SKLZ Recoil 360

The Recoil 360’s sheathed cable stretches from 8 to 22 feet with resistance that increases from 15 to 50 lb.

SKLZ Quick Ladder

The Quick Ladder helps sportsmen and sportswomen of all levels quickly improve acceleration, lateral speed, and change of direction. The unique design also encourages them to practice core skills like balance, rhythm, and body control, that are critical to all athletes no matter their sport. Simple to set up, the Quick Ladder features 11 heavy-duty plastic rungs measuring 17” wide and 15’ long. Portable and folding to a compact size, the ladder easily fits into most athletic bags.

SKLZ 6X Hurdles

For speed, agility and plyometric drills, it's hard to beat hurdles. That's why these all-purpose hurdles are designed to stand up to the biggest beatings and heaviest athletes. Lightweight, durable and featuring bounce-back construction, they come in packs of six.

SKLZ Agility Trainer Pro (Set of 10)

Sports aren’t linear; neither should your speed training be. The Agility Trainer Pro’s trapezoid design helps increase footwork and agility in game-like movement patterns. Built to create curvilinear and broken training patterns, this unique trainer helps you practice the change of direction that changes the game.

SKLZ Acceleration Trainer

Acceleration and first step speed are critical components of any sport. Using proven overload and release training methods, the Acceleration Trainer helps athletes at all levels build first step quickness and top-end speed.

SKLZ Elevation Ladder

The Elevation Ladder combines two of SKLZ's best selling training aids, Quick Ladder and Speed Hurdles, into one convenient product. Now, you can have the flexibility to use the ladder flat or elevated for a variety of agility and speed drills. Increase quickness through accelerated foot strike and lift frequency to ultimately improve maneuverability around the field or court.

SKLZ Pro Training Agility Cones- Set

For use in warm-ups, agility exercises and drills that train explosive power, Pro Training Agility Bands are safe to land on. With their versatile design, they’re also ideal for ball-handling drills and as shooting targets for technical footwork.