ABSOLO CT3000 Core Abdominal Training Machine

ABSOLO CT3000 Core Abdominal Training Machine

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  • Производитель The Abs Company
  • Артикул 151003000
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Get a complete abdominal workout in 90 seconds a day. The Absolo is a core intensive work out that focuses on your core abdominalmuscles, shoulders, arms and other parts of your body to stay toned, fit, and in shape.Absolo is a revolutionary core training system that develops the body's coreto perfection. Engineered with strength and style the Absolo isolates vital core muscles to build a stronger physique.This is accomplished through Absolo's innovative techniques that incorporate theuse of medicine balls ranging from 5 to 9 pounds. The Absolo allows you to focus on the core muscles more efficiently with much faster results than conventional training.The revolutionary Absolo core abdominal intensive training system has created an international fitness phenomenon. Facilities, trainers and exercisers are raving about this interactive, fun and effective way to develop abdominal strength, cardio endurance and muscle coordination.Includes 4 Medicine Balls

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