TriggerPoint Beginner Kit (mini)

TriggerPoint Beginner Kit (mini)
  • TriggerPoint Beginner Kit (mini)

TriggerPoint Beginner Kit (mini)

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  • Производитель Trigger Point
  • Артикул TRG-MK5
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Лидер продаж
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TriggerPoint Beginner Kit (mini)

Have you ever wondered is TriggerPoint really helping and worth tring out? We can say -  ofcourse, there is no other options. That's why we offer to You this collection, which is soft and cheaper than all other kits, so You could try out TriggerPoint Therapy and understand for yourself that it is worth as it's said in product descriptions and videos. In this kit you will find two products, CORE which is made for big muscle groups and MOBIPOINT which is made for small muscle groups. Both of these products are made to ease muscle pain, decrease tension and stress and increase blood and oxygen circulation in muscles. CORE (30.5cm) Roller is soft, so you can roll on it without damaging yourself, although MOBIPOINT is more dense, made to massage deep muscle tissues. Try it out, we are using theese products for ourselves, and encourage You to try it too! If You want to know more about these products, check out here - MOBIPOINTCORE.

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  • CORE (30.5cm);

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