Канаты для тренировок

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Escape Battle Rope

Battle Rope training is one of the most underutilised exercises in fitness training. It’s a tough challenge that raises the heart rate, and develops core, forearm and grip strength.
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TRX® Conditioning Rope

Increase power, blast fat and build core and upper body strength in high-intensity, metabolic workouts with the TRX Conditioning Rope. Use the TRX Conditioning Rope for cardio-pumping and core-engaging slams, waves, jacks, throws and pulls that work your entire body. Comfortable rubber grips keep you holding on, no matter how hard you sweat, and the heavy-duty, tightly braided construction won’t fray or break.A staple tool of MMA fighters, the TRX battling rope will take your training to the next level, whatever your goals. TRX Conditioning Ropes are sold individually in lengths of 30ft(8.6kg) and 50 ft(13.8kg). Specifications:Durable, heavy-duty construction won’t frayComfortable rubber gripsLength: Choose from 30ft (9.1 m) or 50ft (15.2 m)Diameter: 1.5 in.Must be anchored to a smooth, round surface
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