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Woodway Curve
Woodway Curve
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Woodway Curve

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Incorporate a new dimension into your training with the patented WOODWAY Curve. The completely self-powered, manual WOODWAY Curve Treadmill offers a one-of-a-kind workout experience that requires zero electricity.Feel the freedom of this totally manual treadmill while running or walking on the unique curved running surface where you are the motor. The Curve Treadmill challenges the entire body while burning up to 30% more calories than any other treadmill.

Woodway - for those who demand the very best treadmills and equipment available. Woodway has experience of 45 years, making one of the best treadmills in quality, innovation and efficiently. Woodway is made for professional sports teams, athletes, and celebrities to optimize their workouts, train with quality, design and even comfort. Their treadmills even combine more than one treadmill types, for example - traditional and manual in one treadmill.

Woodway offers different kind of treadmills, starting from manual treadmills, which are used without electricity, continuing with traditional treadmills, and even treadmills with their own resistance. If you are looking for the best of the best, then Woodway is the way to go!,

We're here for you, for the long run!

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Founded By: Willi Schoenberger      Headquarters: Waukesha, USA      Brand: Founded in 1975


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