MADMAX Slimming Belt, Women's, Black/Black

MADMAX Slimming Belt, Women's, Black/Black

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MADMAX Slimming and Support Belt is a completely revolutionary product in the field of body shaping and posture support. It differs from other lower-quality substitutes mainly by the quality and thickness of the material (2.5 mm neoprene), which fundamentally affects its properties. The belt can be used not only for strengthening, but also for rollerblading, running and other cardio activities. People with back pain may appreciate it, for example, during a long session in the office. The belt is also suitable for people with back pain caused by weak muscles in the lower abdomen. The neoprene from which the belt is made helps to increase sweating and thus increases the efficiency of fat burning in problem areas. With its use, your waist will be so narrow, like never before. At the same time, you don't have to worry about discomfort on your skin, because neoprene removes sweat from the body perfectly.

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