MADMAX WILD Gloves for fitness, Men's, Dark grey / Dark green

MADMAX WILD Gloves for fitness, Men's, Dark grey / Dark green

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The palm is made from double Amara ply equipped with comfortable stuffing divided into individual sectors and completed with anatomic stitching. Thanks to this technology any spanning or deformation of the glove is impossible. Newly shaped reinforcement layer continues expanded individual sectors in the palm and becomes absolutely functional unit.The back part is made from Amara and 100% Polyester 4-way Lycra. Two specially shaped insets causing small pre-bending the glove (respecting natural bending the fingers) are used ensuring better grasping the dumb-bell or the adaptors (without any spanning or deformation of the glove). The back part and the fingers‘ area are divided into 9 sectors, elastically consolidated by fine Lycra that increases the flexibility and prevents from deformation of Amara (Flex & Fit).The part among the fingers is made from 100% Polyester 4-way Lycra.Around the wrist a solid neoprene elastic strip is used. The glove is equipped with an anatomically shaped loop

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